Hernia repair and laparascopic hernia surgeon

A surprisingly common condition, hernias can range from mild to severe. The discomfort of a minor hernia can impair your quality of life while a severe hernia can actually put your life at risk. Dr Francis Chu at the Southern Hernia Clinic in Miranda, Sydney helps you regain your enjoyment of life with the latest in safe, advanced hernia repair treatments.

As a specialised hernia clinic, you will find you are in safe hands as we aim to provide a safe operation and quick return to normal activities.

Dr Chu is committed to staying up to date with advancements in surgical technique and recovery and carries out both open and laparascopic ('keyhole') surgery for hernias.

By using such minimally invasive surgical techniques, you can keep your hospital stay as short as possible, reduce the risks of complications and discomfort and return to your normal activities more quickly.

Dr Chu also practices as a liver specialist and surgeon at St George Liver Surgery at the St George Private Hospital Kogarah.